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Venom’s Huge Success In Theater – Ready For Second Installment

As expected the movie Venom was a huge hit in theater and because of that, there are plenty of fans who can’t wait to get hold of Venom 2. Since it was revealed earlier by Tom Hardy that he already signup three movies for the franchise, then Venom trilogy is expected. While the movie Venom origin keeps on accumulating profits worldwide, we can begin to discuss about Venom 2. It is expected that the Venom 2 will have to face great challenges in the future. When the Venom 2 will arrive you will be surprised that the movie will change its course from Venom to Carnage origin story. And yes with this kind of changes fans are so thrilled what is going to happen in the following sequel. While most of us admitted that we love Venom however we also like to see some other symbiote unveil their origin story.

While SpiderMan 2019 is on the making, we can also expect that Spiderman villain universe continue to disclose in the entertainment world especially in the movie theater and fans love it. For now there are plenty of websites who are teasing the coming of Venom 2 even though Venom origin movie still rolling in the theater. This is because of the fight scene which was seen in post credit where the symbioite Venom go toe on toe with ruthless killer Carnage. While there is plenty of speculation that fans already know who is Cletus Kasady also known as Carnage, but with the creativity of Sony, Venom 2 will surely be a blockbuster.


Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom –Sneak Peek

Okay, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is almost here and we will be seeing the movie this June 7, 2018. The movie reprising back the life of Owen and Claire assigned to rescue the dinosaur from a dying Island of Nublar which is about to erupt. In the movie trailer, Owen and Claire are inside a huge carrier where a big dinosaur is inside it. While Owen is trying to position the unconscious dinosaur in the right spot of the carrier, it suddenly opens his eyes with his face close to him. What can happen next? Although at the start the dinosaur was almost without strength and unconscious, now it is awakened. Now that dinosaur awakes and got loss from the chain and started to attack Owen. We can see in the teaser that the sharp nails of the T-rex is cutting through the hard still while Owen trying to escape away from the huge dinosaur.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – Final Trailer [HD]

Then the trailer features another scene in which the mountains are smoking and exploding while dinosaurs with wings flee and the long necks dinosaurs are running away from the mountains. And you can hear the conversation “how many species can you save?” And the answer is eleven species; blue is the last of his kind. This scene is the conversation of Claire and a guy, where Claire responded that they will never capture blue (one of dinosaur cared by Owen in the movie Jurassic World 2 streaming fr. Then the guy continues to persuade Claire, because they know that she is connected to Owen who has the skills to capture the blue. And so they are back on the abandoned Jurassic tourist destination and they called their mission a rescue op. What could go wrong?

The trouble started when Owen and his crew reached the Island filled with dangerous animals and hungry dinosaurs. While Owen is roaming around to locate the spot of Blue, he accidentally stumbles upon an aggressive dinosaur with a color blue on its back. He then immediately realizes that it’s blue so he greets him with caution signaling and telling him that they knew each other. And so they have some reunion feeling at that time to which Owen started to touch the forehead of Blue and said to it to come with him.

While take his time to rescue blue, some soldier fires tranquilizer on blue and fall but somehow manage to attack one soldier, even at that time Owen commanded that they should not move or point any guns of Blue. At that time he feels pity on the dinosaur as they carry it via helicopter and put them on the big ship. Which later Claire cried because the rescue op is all lies.

Now Owen was horrified to find out that the guys, who hire them, knew that raptors can follow orders. The mission was just a front, the huge people in the business is not putting some dinosaurs into bidding because they now learn to control the animals. Nonetheless Claire objects not to include Blue in the bidding.

As the people gather together in auction area, a giant cage was then brought to the audience and there was this huge unknown dinosaur which is very fierce and has very deadly face. Now Owen sense that the thing inside that cage can do more trouble and if there is a clone to this new breed, it will slaughter the people of the mainland so he release Blue and some of the dinosaur on the cage and destroy the facility where the dinosaurs are being cloned into a new species. This is gonna be exciting to watch this on theater. Watch the movie Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom in the theater near you. Bookmark now for the latest updates.

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