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Pokemon Ever Evolving To Entertain Us

If you are having second thoughts on Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon to be just a game to exploits fans, well this idea is true and it is a part of the business even though gamers are exploited, we can’t get enough every time they released a new version. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon when it was announce it was unclear what kind of video game or version they were. Most think that the game is like just a simple edition on the director’s cut which are just following the main theme of the game, but the version like Pokemon Platinum, Emerald and Yellow did not come until the original Pokemon game has been around for two years.

After a year since Pokemon Sun and Moon has arrived, they have created the Pokemon Ultra Sun And Moon with just simple alterations and with this, it surprises us and has given us great expectation about the game. Although you can find the game separated into two it is very frustrating especially when they sale the other version in a great price. Nonetheless if you really want to experience a real entertainment then Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon is the best choice.

In case if you don’t know what are you going to expect, then this hint is ideally a remix, continuation to the elements of the main Pokemon theme, evolution and of course there are added moves, power ups, characters and new regions and many more. The changes are somewhat very slight, nonetheless in every new alteration they are a wonderful improvement even if they are not easily notice.

Most reviews which points to the Pokemon games, and one thing they said that the Sun and Moon is the best version. And of course we experience that, Pokemon Sun and Moon really made us very excited. Nonetheless for those gamers who only played their favorite Pokemon Go, you can as well expect the best of Pokemon Sun and Moon. While Pokemon Go is very popular but the set backs on the game is that you might get accident just like we have heard in the news. To those who want to experience a really wonderful Pokemon game without any risk of getting into accident, there are plethora of Pokemon games and re-edition for you to choose. You may as well get the latest Pokemon video games right now by checking the link in this article.



Captain Deadbeard and Power Cactus Duel Tips – PVZ 2

Right now if you are a fan of Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 and would like to learn the latest tips on how you can perform efficiently and will have excellent chance of defeating your enemies in multiplayer in the brand new mystery portal battle of accuracy. In this portal battle of accuracy you are only battling against sniper character. So you need to understand few hints that you can utilize in the game which enable your team to get the highest rate of winning. Follow these tips for the following Captain Deadbeard, Cactus and for both character together.

Now let us begin with the Power Cactus. We will begin with ability of Power Cactus the Tallnut and what are your advantages. By using your Tallnut and place it below you will be covered half of your bottom which means that you have a strong defense and Captain Deadbeard will have difficulty in attacking your Power Cactus. Nonetheless the downside is that you can only aim using your head. This is ideal for defense but you need to avoid the situation where you are cornered, this will be the weakness of this defense and Captain Deadbeard will have the advantage.

Another wonderful usage of Tallnut and if Captain Deadbeard are ready to shoot you in his barrel blast by using Tallnut down this will stop him from going towards you and because of that you can escape to a safe place and you can easily take down Captain Deadbeard while protecting yourself with Tallnut, which make you hard to hit from any weapons from the enemies and prevent Captain Deadbeard barrel blast blowing at you anytime. Another thing you need to be careful and watch for the potatoe mines in the area and Captain Deadbeard is very unpredictable. So evading is possible but if you step on potatoe mines will lead to your defeat.

Now lets talk about Captain Deadbeard just remember that his weapon is Cannon Rodeo. This ability is very efficient at shooting and can do a huge damage to the Cacti. It is very efficient weapon and produces 50 damage when it is in direct hit. Cannon Rodeo is good whenever there are plants in group due to the fact that it has a splash damage that will produce 20 percent damage. So in case there is a plenty of Cacti in a group and this is the moment the Tallnuts can be used for defense. By using Cannon Rode you can easily take out plants in a group easily.

Although the set back is that you can’t move, so it is best if you want a simple target to hit, nonetheless you will have little damage at the same time. You just have to use the Cannon Rodeo in the right moment. The good new is that Captain Deadbeard has shotgun close-ranged for combat. It is best to pin down the cactus by close ranged attack since it will be the advantage of Captain Deadbeard but you need to check out the potatoe mines because it can kill your enemies but it can also give you more damage. So you need to watch for the mines. Destroying the potatoe mines is the best choice to stay alive in the warfare because you need to run, hide, and jump and evade and this require plenty of space.

To know more about ANOTHER plant vz zombie game like pvz heroes you may  play plants vs zombies heroes .If your a hardcore game then this game is not for you. this is not the type of game genre were you wil use real weapon in your game to kill any zombie or anything. This suits for some casual game who have a lot of time and bored.

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